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  1. Hello, I appreciate that this site is quite new, and that everyone is busy, but could I please ask that it is kept more up to date in terms of parish council meeting minutes? I have looked several times over the last few months, and there have been no minutes available since March 18. It would make sense to me that if we want the community to become more involved with what happens in their local constituency, to have that information readily available. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any prior warning of when a meeting will be. I have just received the Lyde trumpet and note that I missed the last one. As we now have use of a large sign by the Church, could it be amended prior to parish council meetings so that those who live in the area have something visible to remind them that a meeting is imminent? It may increase the amount of residents who attend. Submitted for your consideration, with regards

    • Hello and apologies, you are right the website was very out of date and I have now updated with the approved minutes of previous meetings. A note of the date of the next meeting (9th May) is on the front page of the website, when the agenda for the meeting has been agreed it will be added to the front page, usually 3-5 days before the meeting. The agenda is also put on the noticeboard outside the church, and I will put a notice up this week giving the date of the next meeting, then replace it with an agenda nearer the date. Please do come along to any meeting, you will be most welcome.
      Hazel Philpotts, Parish Clerk

  2. Please can we try and get some dog waste bins and signage put up around Lyde ? Especially by the lakes and lay-by near bridal path by pumping station.
    I recently went to Sutton and they have loads. Can we please ask Hereford council to issue some ?
    Thank you

    • Hello

      Thank you for your message. We have a parish council meeting on 29th April at 7pm and i will raise this under the agenda item for local residents concerns.
      Members of the public are more than welcome to attend the meeting and i can forward you the Zoom link should you wish to attend.

      Best wishes

      Emma Noble
      Clerk to Lyde Parish Council


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