Agenda 22 May 2018

Councillors are summoned to the annual meeting of

Pipe cum Lyde Parish Council

on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at 7.15pm in Lyde Church


  1. Election of chair and vice chair
  2. Apologies for absence (received in advance from Alan Paske)
  3. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
  4. Consider and adopt minutes of the last meeting 8th March 2018
  5. Public participation
  6. Planning
    1. Consider and agree response to planning application for 4 new dwellings with access and shared drive in Church Road (application 181485)
    2. Consider and agree response to planning application to convert garage to form an annexe to house at The Marsh House, Eltons Marsh (Burghill parish)
    3. update on planning applications
    4. Sally Robertson to report on updated guidelines and legislation regarding responding to planning consultations.
  7. General Data Protection Regulation: consider draft data protection policy to comply with new legislation.
  8. Code of Conduct: consider updated policy
  9. Finance:
    1. Consider annual accounts for 2017/18, internal audit report, annual audit return, and risk assessment
    2. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses, including SLCC membership £224.81
    3. payment of fee for internal audit, H Worth £30.00
    4. agree payment of funding for:
      Lyde PCC
      Lyde Trumpet
      Friends of Lyde Meeting Place
    5. consider options for annual insurance renewal
    6. consider quotes obtained for new grit bins and replacement of broken one nr Hither Bush
  10. Highways – update on highways and potholes, including request for additional grit bins, and Councillor’s concern regarding advertising boards on A49.
  11. Community Led Plan – update on recent litter pick
  12. Discuss holding a crime prevention and property marking event as at last meeting
  13. Correspondence and clerk’s update
  14. Items for next agenda
  15. Date of next meeting