Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2016

Monday 9th May 2016 at 7pm in Lyde Church


1. Elect Chairperson: Alan Paske elected (proposed by Sally Robertson (SR) seconded by Brian Joy (BJ)

2. Minutes of annual parish meeting of 20 May 2015: approved as an accurate record of the meeting (proposed by BJ seconded by SR)

3. Police report circulated by email, noted.

4. Report from Pipe cum Lyde Charitable Trust: Brian Joy gave a succinctly comprehensive report on the year’s activities. (90% of available grants intended for educational purposes, remaining 10% for parishioners in need). Trust value now £99,912 (last year £104330, reduction in value due to fall of stock market) donations/grants made £3400, year before £1880, income last year £4362 previously £3940. Accounts currently being audited by Peter Streven. Grants made included young person for piano lessons, helped with leadership courses and travel costs for university student, helped with course fees for university for students. Charity is in sound condition; the income only is spent capital not touched.

5. PC Chairman’s report: another quiet year, pleased to welcome a new ward councillor Pauline Crocket, and new parish councillor Sally Robertson. No major planning applications within the parish. Chair thanked councillors for their hard work. Community Led Plan now formally launched and adopted.

Meeting closed at 7.20pm