Minutes 9th August 2017

Pipe cum Lyde Parish Council
Wednesday 9th August 2017 at 7pm in Lyde Church

Present: Alan Paske (chair), Brian Joy, Maurice Taylor, Sally Robertson, Ron Davies
In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Ron Davies, Frances Bradley

1. Apologies for absence: none
2. Declarations of interest: SR declared interest in item 10b, as chair of the Friends of Lyde Church, therefore took no part in the discussion and agreement to make the payment.
3. Co-option of Mr Ron Davies, Kingston House, Church Rd, Lyde to the parish council was discussed and unanimously agreed (proposed by SR seconded by BJ). Mr Ron Davies was elected and welcomed to the parish council.
4. Minutes of the last meeting (9th May 2017) accepted and adopted (proposed by MT seconded by BJ).
5. Public participation not taken up.
6. Update on parking and speeding issues in Church Road, Lower Lyde: clerk to invite Police CSO to next meeting to discuss speeding issues. SR to put something into the Lyde Trumpet to invite parishioners to attend and show support and to give ideas. Agenda item next meeting.
7. Police report circulated, clerk to ask police to update mailing list to ensure it is received by Pipe and Lyde.
8. Planning
a. update on planning applications: Holly Tree Cottage planning application approved with conditions at Planning Committee.
b. Sally Robertson to report on updated guidelines and legislation regarding responding to planning consultations. SR will look at what situations can be delegated to the clerk (minor applications extensions etc), agenda item for next meeting for SR to report.
9. Highways – update on highways and potholes, discuss email from Ward Cllr Crockett regarding lane from A49 to golf driving range, lane is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, PC agreed that maintenance and repair of the lane is the responsibility of the owner.
10. Finance:
a. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses £225.00 approved
b. payment of agreed funding approved:
Lyde PCC £550 (£400 annual funding to include hire of church for meetings, £150 towards Lyde Trumpet)
Friends of Lyde Meeting Place £200
11. PC website quote from Eyelid Productions discussed, resolved to accept, (proposed by BJ seconded by SR). Clerk to liaise with company to set up website and publish required information.
12. Community Led Plan, Action Plan update when website goes live put plan on, also put insert into Lyde Trumpet advertising website.
13. Correspondence and clerk’s update circulated and noted
14. Items for next agenda, procedures for responding to planning consultations, speeding, police invitation, website
15. Date of next meeting Thursday 7th December 7pm (subsequently meeting arranged 20th September to consult locally and agree response to planning applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
16. Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett gave the following update:
Herefordshire Council will now be having 3 scrutiny committees, Cllr Crockett will be a member of the Adult and Well-being Committee. HC has a new constitution, and has agreed changes to councillors allowance scheme. HC councillors are to complete new declaration of interest forms, which include changes to HC’s code of conduct.
Budget consultation (HC’s)still live until 30th September.
Budget overspend on Blueschool House is going to audit scrutiny committee and is being investigated.
Major work being planned by Welsh Water starting at Bewdley Bank reservoir and continuing down the A4110 into Hereford.