Minutes 9 May 2019

Annual Meeting of Pipe and Lyde Parish Council

 Thursday 9th May 2019 at 7.15pm in Lyde Church


Present:  Sally Robertson (chair), Ron Davies, Maurice Taylor

In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, 2 parishioners

  1. Election of chair and vice chair: Alan Paske elected as chair; Sally Robertson volunteered and elected as vice chair. Sally agreed to chair this meeting in Alan’s absence.
  2. Apologies for absence received from Alan Paske.
  3. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations none
  4. Minutes of the last meeting 21st February 2019 accepted as a true record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
  5. Consider vacancies and co-option to the parish council following recent local elections. Two members of public interested asked to email clerk with a short summary of why they want to join the PC.
  6. Public participation. Parishioner asked for an update on road safety/speeding issues in the parish, SR will ask Pauline what the outcome of her recent meetings with the road safety partnership was.  Sally will put an article into the trumpet asking for volunteers to carry out community speed watch monitoring, at least 6 needed to give their time. Clerk to ask Road Safety Partnership if there a charge for use of the equipment. Agenda item for next meeting.
    Also question was asked with regard to defibrator, is the PC considering purchasing a unit? Possibly a donation towards the cost could come from local businesses, it was suggested also asking Duchy of Cornwall to consider contributing.  SR will speak to Friends of Lyde Meeting Place for details of who their contact was for the funding they had from the Duchy with a view to asking for a donation.
  7. Planning: consider and agree response to planning application 191313 Land at Lyde Cross Tree Farm, Munstone for three new detached dwellings and garages, including a new access. Maurice has been to the site. Sally suggested objecting on grounds of sustainability, increased traffic along Pipe and Lyde, intrusion of development into open countryside. PC resolved to submit the following objection:
    1. The parish council does not consider the proposal to be in sustainable or line with Herefordshire Council Core Strategy policies SS1 (sustainable development) or MT1 (Traffic management, highway safety and promoting active travel). The occupants of the new dwellings will be reliant on private cars to access all services, shops, and work opportunities as the site is not a sustainable distance from any public transport routes or any services etc.
    2. The increase in private car journeys will also exacerbate an existing issue of considerable traffic at peak times in a single-track country lane with few passing places.
    3. The proposal is outside of the settlement boundary identified in Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.
    4. The parish council considers the development to be an intrusion into open countryside
  8. Council Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Pauline gave apologies as unable to attend the meeting. PC congratulated Pauline on her recent re-election.
  9. Community Led Plan – update on recent litter pick 16 volunteers for the litter pick very successful event. Action Plan resolved to review a section each meeting, then decide subsequent section for review. Next meeting road safety section. Put action plan onto the website.
  10. Finance:
    1. Considered and agreed annual accounts for 2018/19, annual audit return, and risk assessment. New process councillor to check cashbook spreadsheet against bank statement each meeting.
    2. Annual audit accounting statements approved for submission to external audit approved and signed.
    3. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses, including SLCC membership
    4. Discuss funding for local groups for discussion at next meeting, clerk to write to groups asking them to apply.
    5. annual insurance renewal approved.
    6. Bank signatories, forms signed to add Ron Davies as signatory.
  11. Correspondence and clerk’s update circulated and noted
  12. General Data Protection Regulation: clerk to take draft policy to next meeting.
  13. Update for Councillors following local elections. Acceptance of office forms signed.
  14. Items for next agenda, community speed watch, action plan road safety section, vacancies, Holmer/Shelwick section 106 money. Defibrator. Ron Davies will report back on the fastershire community meeting.
  15. Date of next meeting 4th July 2019 7pm