Minutes 8th October 2018

Pipe & Lyde Parish Council

Extraordinary meeting Monday 8th October 2018 7pm Lyde Church


Present: Brian Joyn (BJ) (chair), Sally Robertson (SR), Maurice Taylor (MT), Ron Davies (RD)

In Attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), 2 members of the public

  1. Apologies for absence: Alan Paske, HC Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Ron Davies declared an interest in item 5a (planning application) as he is one of the applicants.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (23rd August 2018) accepted and adopted; proposed by BJ seconded by MT, signed by the chair.
  4. Public participation – no issues or questions raised.
  5. Planning
    1. Response to consultation discussed and agreed with regard to planning application for change of use of agricultural land to residential gardens and erection of new boundary fences to the rear of properties in Church Road, Lower Lyde: Residential domestic garden use, not for use as a building plot(s).  SR proposed to support the application BR seconded, clerk asked to submit a response supporting the application recommending a condition that the additional land should only be used for domestic gardens. (RD did not take part in the discussion).
  6. Issue raised by Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett regarding a hedge overhanging and partially blocking pavement in Church Road clerk to discuss with Ward Councillor on suitable method of approach.
  7. Report by Ward Councillor Pauline Crocket, carry forward to next meeting.
  8. Items for next agenda (budget and precept), set date for litter pick next year
  9. Date of next meeting – 29th November 2018, 7pm