Minutes 8 March 2018

Pipe cum Lyde Parish Council meeting

on Thursday 8th March at 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Alan Paske (chair), Sally Robertson, Ron Davies, Brian Joy

In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts

  1. Apologies for absence received from Maurice Taylor
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: none
  3. Minutes of the last meeting 9th December 2017 considered, accepted and adopted proposed by Ron Davies seconded by Sally Robertson.
  4. Public participation no public presence
  5. West Mercia Police’s Rural & Business Officer’s offer to present a crime prevention and property marking event if Parish Council organise and publicise was discussed. Sally explained about the ‘no cold calling’ zones which have been set up in Burghill and Withington, means anyone cold calling will be breaking the law and police will be able to deal with offenders more firmly. Trading Standards provides the signs for each property, also a public sign which is erected. 75% of residents in an area have to agree to the zone being set up, PC would have to carry out the consultation. Proposed budget of £200 for cost of signage and letters and leaflets, proposed by SR second BJ.  Police property marking event, starts with a meeting Police provide the special pens (clerk to find out if they cost) pens are registered on Smartwater site and residents then use to mark their own property.  Event could be held in May or June, Friends of Lyde Meeting Place could be asked to do refreshments clerk contact Paul Crump (WM Police’s Rural & Business Officer) to begin arrangements.
  6. Update on parking and speeding issues in Church Road, Lower Lyde one resident regularly parks on the pavement Hazel write a letter to put on windscreens.
  7. Report by Herefordshire Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
    1. Herefordshire Council has accepted being the accountable body for the proposed University. This means that monies granted to them will be allocated once deemed necessary.
    2. At the last full Council meeting, the budget for 18/19 was approved, it was also approved to increase the council tax by 4.9% this will include a 2% increase for social care which is our biggest spend.
    3. AWBSC there continues to be strong support to keep open the Hillside re-ablement facility, although WVT continue to advise us that Home Care will be better for individuals and budgets! More ‘Good neighbour Schemes’ are required.
    4. Cllr Barry Durkin Cabinet member for Transport, Roads and Regulatory has confirmed that the ‘free parking’ vouchers in conjunction with BID (business improvement districts) will continue for a further 6 months.
    5. The Hereford Bypass Consultation has commenced, this affects our Ward in many areas so please see website for further details and respond with your comments. It is important for all individuals to make their comments.
    6. The announcement of the closure of the RVS Meals on Wheels service has shocked and surprised the many clients and volunteers. At present I am liaising with Herefordshire Council on this matter as several volunteers would be interested in continuing this service.
    7. Councillor Crockett has been involved in planning applications and assisting to raise money towards the Church Community Project with The Friends of Lyde Meeting Place.
  8. By-pass consultation by Herefordshire Council, all proposed routes start at the A49 within Pipe and Lyde parish and go west towards Burghill parish: SR proposed to object to western route in its entirety and request that an eastern route option be properly assessed and compared for cost, environmental and social impacts.  Proposed by SR seconded by RD, agreed unanimously and the following response to be submitted:
    Pipe and Lyde Parish Council discussed Hereford Transport Package second public consultation and, despite acknowledging that Hereford does need a bypass, the PC objects to the proposed western routes.  The PC feels there has been insufficient consideration or research for an eastern route, which would be shorter, cheaper and would have less adverse impact on the environment and local population.
    More research should be conducted into improving exiting congestion, having spent tens of millions on the new link road does not appear to have improved traffic within the city but has created new areas of congestion e.g. Newtown Road and Widemarsh Street, and entering the city from the Aylestone Hill area is as congested as it ever was.  This road was proposed and built partially to support sustainable housing in the city in the style of an urban village, however, this does not seem to be materialising as we were led to believe.   The proposed bypass will have only 4 junctions into the city, which will concentrate traffic in those areas, for instance the A438 Kings Acre Road and Whitecross roundabout is very likely to become even more congested that it is currently.
    Pipe and Lyde Parish Council requests that an eastern route option be properly assessed and compared to western routes for cost, environmental and social impacts
  9. Community litter pick, also suggestion for community clear up of churchyard. Resolved to arrange both for Saturday 21st April, clerk contact insurance and do a risk assessment, Ward Councillor Crockett will liaise with Belfour Beatty, SR will ask Friends of Lyde Meeting Place to do refreshments.
  10. Discuss request from Cllr Ron Davies for an additional grit bin to be installed in Lower Lyde: Clerk to obtain costs for three new grit bins and find out who pays for refilling. (Also a broken bin near Hitherbush)
  11. Finance:
    1. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses £433.32 approved
    2. discuss clerk’s request for payment of subscription to SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) £41 agreed, clerk to pay and claim as an expense.
  12. Update on website – lydeparishcouncil.co.uk, discussed suggestion of adding a page or link for Lyde Charitable Trust, clerk to work with SR to include information on Charitable Trust and Friends of Lyde Meeting Place.
  13. Correspondence and clerk’s update circulated and noted
  14. Items for next agenda: annual accounts and audit returns, code of conduct, new Data Protection legislation.
  15. Date of next meeting 24th May 2018 subsequently changed to 22nd May 2018 (annual parish meeting and annual meeting of the parish council.