Minutes 7 December 2017

Pipe cum Lyde Parish Council meeting

Thursday 7th December 2017 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Sally Robertson (chair), Maurice Taylor, Ron Davies

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Paul Crump West Mercia Police’s Rural & Business Officer (Crime Prevention), two members of the public


  1. Apologies for absence: received from Alan Paske and Brian Joy. Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett sent apologies and a report.
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
  3. Minutes of meeting 20th September 2017: accepted and adopted (proposed SR seconded MT).
  4. West Mercia Police’s Rural & Business Officer (Crime Prevention) Paul Crump was welcomed by the chair to the meeting. Mr Crump explained that his role is to offer advice to businesses and residents on how to prevent becoming victims of crime, and Parish councils are key in helping to inform particularly rural businesses and residents on how to reduce risk, through activities such as property marking, which makes a big difference in the attractiveness of item such as tools and machinery. Deter, defend, detect, start with signage, 90% of thefts are opportunist we need to deny a thief the opportunity. West MercialPolice will run a property marking event if sufficient properties sign up and if the parish council support and publicise the event, arrange the venue etc.  WM Police are also trying to promote neighbourhood watch schemes, trying to resurrect former watch schemes or set up new modern versions, using social media etc. Mr Crump offered to do a presentation to local people on how to protect themselves, recommends a Thursday or Friday evening, if the PC would arrange and facilitate.
  5. Update on parking and speeding issues in Church Road, Lower Lyde: Ron Davies thinks the PC’s recent letter to residents has made a difference however, photos sent to the clerk just prior to the meeting show that vehicles are still parking on the footpaths, proposal to write a letter for Ron to have a stock and put under window wipers of vehicles blocking footpaths.  Similarly,  residents who allow hedges that overgrow the footpaths can be asked to cut back.  Ron Davies will let the clerk know of any properties/hedges. Speeding – parish council can request of Herefordshire Council’s safety partnership to carry out speed monitoring in Church Road.  Speed watch Donna (member of public in attendance) Hazel and Ron volunteered, HP to also speak to community safety partnership.
  6. Public participation: nothing raised additional to agenda items.
  7. Report by Herefordshire Council Ward Member Pauling Crockett (read by the clerk)
    Herefordshire Council has a grant scheme in progress offering grants of up to £100k to businesses and communities in rural Herefordshire, this is called the LEADER scheme, for more information go to: herefordshire.gov.uk/leader or call Dawn Turner on 01432 383023 if we do not use the money locally it will revert to Europe.
    Herefordshire Council (The authority) are continuing with the investigation regarding the overspend at Blueschool House.
    The authority is partnering with Stonewater Housing Association on two developments in the county.
    Work on the delivery of next year’s budget progresses are continuing. Changes in the MTFS will be necessary to ensure a balanced budget in maintained. There is a meeting by General Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Monday 11th December to discuss this. As always this meeting is open to the Public.
    Locally: Planning decisions and applications, continue to be a major factor in my day to day business. I am in continual contact with Balfour Beatty therefore if there are any concerns in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  8. Herefordshire Council consultations and updates:
    1. Safeguarding Policy – responsibilities for parish councils next agenda HP to research
    2. Traveller Sites Policy – noted.
  9. Planning
    1. consider response to application for 2 storey extension to Hill Barn Cottage, Lyde PC supports the application as it will regenerate a building and make a good family home of a neglected building.
    2. update on recent planning applications clerk reported that application for development at Moreton on Lugg recent approved by HC’s Planning Committee
  10. Finance:
    1. budget and precept for 2018/19 discusset and set at £3,190.00 (proposed MT seconded by RD)
    2. new bank signatories: Ron Davies and Maurice Taylor clerk to make arrangements
    3. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses £424.80 approved for signature
    4. payment for website annual support and hosting Eyelid Productions £140.00 approved
    5. payment for stationery from Viking £14.48 approved
  11. Update on website – lydeparishcouncil.co.uk given by the clerk.
  12. Correspondence and clerk’s update noted
  13. Date of next meeting Monday 12th March 2018 subsequently revised to Thursday 8th March 2018