Minutes 6th August 2019

Extraordinary meeting of Pipe and Lyde Parish Council
Tuesday 6th August 2019 at 7pm in Lyde Church

Present: Ron Davies (chair), Maurice Taylor, Phill Meadwell
In attendance: H Philpotts (clerk), Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, 15 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence: received from Alan Paske and Sally Robertson

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: none

3. Consider minutes of the last meeting: 16 July 2019 accepted and adopted proposed by MT seconded by PM

4. Public participation: with regard to the planning application for new dwellings adjacent to Blenholme, the point was raised that 30mph limit would need to be moved to encompass both proposed new drives. Many concerns were raised regarding the proposal, in particular that the original outline planning was for 4 houses, but has now increased to 7, where there was a single access into the site there are now three accesses onto the road close to the brow of a hill, on a single-track lane. Road safety and increased traffic was a major concern.
There was also concern that site boundaries seem to be moving since the original application was approved for 4 houses.

5. Planning: consider planning application 192409, land adjacent Blenholme, Church Road, Lyde, application for seven houses with vehicles access, the following objection to be submitted to Herefordshire Council:

The proposed exit onto the single-track road is very close to the brow of the hill; visibility for vehicles emerging from the shared private access would be very restricted. This would be particular hazard for the two proposed houses where drives lead directly from the lane, these drives are very likely to become unofficial passing places which has happened in other places in the lane causing residents safety concerns and loss of enjoyment of their properties.
The additional traffic that the development will generate is of a concern to residents of Lyde, the at peak times the road is used as a short cut by commuter traffic trying to avoid long queues on the A49 at Holmer. Vehicles using Lyde as a short cut regularly travel at excessive to ridiculous speeds and this, combined with the limited visibility for vehicles, is of particular concern to the Parish Council. Local residents are worried that the increase in the proposed number of dwellings and the additional vehicle movements generated will make the lane even more hazardous.
The Parish Council would like assurances that sewerage and rainwater collection and dispersal will not have a detrimental effect on existing properties and systems. A property in the low point between the church and the hill has experienced a severe problem where foul water flooded up via a downstairs WC and the PC is concerned that this may re-occur.
The development will have an impact on the skyline, more so now the proposed number of dwellings has almost doubled. There is concern locally and within the PC that the boundaries of the site are moving since the original application for outline permission for 4 houses was approved.
The PC does not consider the proposal to be sustainable as there are limited facilities and amenities in the parish. If the application is approved, the PC would request that the 30mph speed limit extended to cover the proposed development, and that style of the properties be in keeping with the character and setting of the existing village. The possibility of creeping development into a rural setting is of increasing concern to the Parish Council

6. Date of next meeting: 3rd October 2019 7pm Lyde Church (this meeting subsequently postponed until 28th October)