Minutes 4 July 2019

Pipe and Lyde Parish Council

Meeting on Thursday 4th July 2019 at 7pm in Lyde Church

Present: Alan Paske (chair), Maurice Taylor, Sally Robertson, Ron Davies

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (clerk), Pauline Crockett Herefordshire Council Ward Member, four parishioners.


  1. Apologies for absence none
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations none
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (9 May 2019) considered and accepted as an accurate record of the meeting (MT proposed RD seconded SR signed as vice chair and chair of the May meeting)
  4. Public participation (10 minutes allowed for members of the public to ask questions or raise an issue)
    Parishioner Alan Williams came to ask the PC about the stone marking the geographical centre of the county on the verge of A49 just before Lyde Vicarage building. The stone is very overgrown and overlooked, Alan asked if the PC could either move the stone to a location nearer the church or ask for the stone to be moved. Clerk to ask Robert Jaffier at Highways England to move it, also talk to Balfour Beatty. Alan will speak to Annie Jay a relative of the person who commissioned the original stone.
  5. Planning: consider and agree response to planning application 192006 Mountain View, 1 Church Road, Lyde (extension to existing dwelling), a driveway that is part of the proposed application has already been created. Neighbours are finding noise early mornings, late evenings and at weekends an issue with existing work on the property, PC resolved to request if Herefordshire Council does approve the application conditions are stipulated to the time that work can be carried out to minimise the impact of noise.  Residents also expressed concern that the creation of a new drive would take away one of the spaces in the communal parking area originally created for the flats a 3-6 Church Road, there are currently three spaces but as a drive is being created one of those spaces will be taken up to provide access to the new driveway.
  6. Report by Herefordshire Council Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett: (PC chair congratulated Pauline on re-election).
    Cabinet’s first task was Station Approach student accommodation for the university, which is going ahead. A’ living wall’ to be put on the side facing Aylestone hill and for landscaping to include trees.
    Hereford Transport package is on pause and is being reviewed. Alternative transport options are being investigated.
    Beryl bikes for public rental are being installed in Hereford.
    Pauline is cabinet member for health and wellbeing.
    Current consultation on 5-year review on polling stations/districts is being undertaken.
    Pauline has asked Highways England to move the parking sign in the deceleration lane off the A49 into Upper Lyde as people are mistaking it for a layby and parking.
  7.  Road Safety and Speedwatch update, clerk to ask Richard Mills for a price for turning the muddy area along by the people to came to ask about stoning up to form a small passing place.
  8. Community Led Plan – Action Plan update Sally Robertson will go through and highlight priorities, and will report to the next scheduled meeting.
  9. Question from Holmer and Shelwick PC regarding footpath in Lyde, Alan Paske will speak to the landowner and ask him to make the right of way/footpath route obvious.
  10. Finance: payment of clerk’s salary and expenses, including reimbursement for insurance renewal approved.
  11. Clerk’s update and resignation,  discussed process for advertising vacancy, put into Lyde Trumpet. PC thanked clerk. Closing date end September for applications.
  12. Correspondence noted.
  13. General Data Protection Regulation: considered draft data protection policy to comply with new legislation, final draft to be circulated for consideration and adoption at the next meeting.
  14. Considered vacancy and co-option to the parish council following recent local elections. Applications were received from three parishioners, Phill Meadwell was co-opted to the parish council.
  15. Date of next meeting 3rd October 2019 7pm