Minutes 29th November 2018

Pipe and Lyde Parish Council

Thursday 29th November 2018 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Alan Paske (AP) (chair), Brian Joy (BJ) (vice-chair), Sally Robertson (SR), Ron Davies (RD)

In Attendance: Hazel Philpotts (clerk), Herefordshire Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett

  1. Apologies for absence received from Maurice Taylor
  2. Declarations of interest: Sally Robertson declared an interest in item in budget setting for funding to Friends of Lyde Meeting Place.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (8th October 2018) accepted and adopted proposed by SR seconded by BJ and signed by BJ as he was chair of that meeting.
  4. Public participation: none.
  5. Planning: Consider and agree response to outline planning application for 4 new dwellings at Coldwell Villa, Coldwell Road, Holmer (application in Holmer parish but on Lyde’s boundary). Concern expressed regarding previous issues with sewerage existing problems in the immediate vicinity of Coldwell Villa, have these been resolved.  PC does not think the land should be developed but reserved for extension of the adjacent burial ground. Resolved to submit the following objection:
    Pipe and Lyde Parish Council objects to the proposal to build 4 new dwellings as it is aware of previous sewerage problems in the immediate area which the PC is not confident have been resolved.
    The Parish Council does not think this land should be used for residential development, but feels it should be reserved for extension of the adjacent burial ground/cemetery which is at, or very near to, maximum capacity, in support of Local Plan Policy SC1 – Social and community facilities: Development proposals which protect, retain or enhance existing social and community infrastructure or ensure that new facilities are available as locally as possible will be supported.  Pipe and Lyde Parish Council feels approval of this development scheme would not fit with Policy SC1.
  6. Grit bin update: bins ordered, delivered, installed and filled
  7. Finance:
    1. Invoices to be considered for payment
      H Philpotts, salary & expenses including reimbursement for grit bins and salt £668.67
      Eyelid Productions, website maintenance and hosting £145.00
    2. Budget and precept – budget for financial year 2019/2020 discussed and agreed; annual precept set at £3230. Proposed by BJ seconded by RD. (SR did not participate in the discussion regarding funding for local groups).
  8. Report by Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
    Herefordshire Council (HC) has £5m from Dept of Transport towards road defect and pothole repairs.
    The University have launched a marketing studio at the Shirehall, looking for sponsors and donations.
    Warm home discount scheme open to Herefordshire homes on low income, can provide up to £140.
    HC’s Trading Standards department have prosecuted a number of illegal cigarette/tobacco sellers.
    HC’s actions plan for Children’s Services has been agreed, OFSTED gave Children’s Services a poor rating therefore the action plan has been drawn up and will be subject to regular scrutiny.
    Wye Valley Trust launched a local dementia care-givers café at the Hospital, called Admirals Café every Monday 2.30 to 4.30pm on the first floor.
    Ward Councillor has spent considerable time working on local planning applications; a high number planning officers are leaving HC.
  9. General Data Protection Regulation: to be discussed at the next meeting.
  10. Date for litter pick 13 April 2019
  11. Items for future agenda: Parish Plan Review of action plan
  12. Date of next meeting 21 February 2019