Minutes 28th July 2016

Thursday 28th July 2016 at 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Alan Paske (chair), Sally Robertson, Maurice Taylor

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk)

1. Apologies for absence received from Brian Joy

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for disclosable pecuniary interest dispensations none

3. Consider vacancies and co-option to the parish council, agenda item for next meeting

4. Minutes of the last meeting 9th May 2016 considered and adopted by the PC (proposed by SR seconded by AP).

5. Public participation no public presence

6. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Pauline sent apologies as she had a clash of meetings, but sent the following report:

a. Hereford city link road is going to plan, the southern link road has been approved but until a third bridge is built to cross the river traffic congestion will continue.
b. At the latest meeting of the full Herefordshire Council funding of £300,000 towards the University project was approved to be released from the allocated budget.
c. Local issue, Golf Academy reported poor quality of road leading to their facility BBLP have completed filling of 3 potholes within a week of notification.

7. Police report circulated previously

8. Planning – update on planning applications Sally will try to attend the planning meeting regarding the Bloor site to represent the parish and ask for Section 106 funding for the parish.

9. Highways

a. Update on highways and potholes, also passing bays, alterations to junction at A49 and Moreton Road (in connection with quarry site) including update on speed issue on Moreton Hill. Ask parishioners to get registration numbers and clerk will report.
b. New request from Police for speeding issues to be reported by members of the public to their parish council for the PC to report to the Safer Roads Partnership.

10. Finance:

a. payment of clerks salary and expenses £258.33
b. Sally Robertson £10 for community led plan expenses

11. Update on proposed community litter pick, Sally will discuss with Brian.

12. Community Led Plan action plan update next agenda.

13. Correspondence and clerk’s update noted.

14. Items for next agenda: budget for next year, Community Led Plan action plan update.

15. Date of next meeting Thursday 17th November 7pm