Minutes 25th February 2016

Meeting on Thursday 25th February 2016 at 7.30pm in Lyde Church


Present: Alan Paske (chairman), Brian Joy (vice-chairman), Maurice Taylor, Sally Robertson

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Mrs Helen Bouillet (resident from Moreton Road)

1. Apologies for absence: none

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Sally declared an interest in item 11 Burghill NDP and did not participate in the discussion.

3. Consider vacancies and co-option to the parish council: SR will distribute a flyer to see if anyone from Lower Lyde would be interested in being co-opted to balance out parish representation.

4. Minutes of the last meeting: 1st December 2015 minutes adopted (SR proposed MT seconded)

5. Public participation: see item 6e

6. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:

a. HC approved an increase in council tax 3.9%, 2% of which will go to adult social care, HC looking at a further 2% each year for next three years.
b. Elgar House being leased for council offices, selling off Bath Street and St Owen Street properties (not the Town Hall).
c. Parking charges gone up; considerable outcry and pressure from public may necessitate a committee review.
d. Lower Lyde House road defects reported, should be completed within 28 days
e. Speeding traffic on Moreton Hill: Pauline has received an email from Ian Connelly of the Safer Road Partnership, who has said that as the hill is covered by the national speed limit speed monitoring would not be feasible as traffic would not be recorded as exceeding that road’s limit. It may be possible to work towards a traffic regulation order, however barriers to this would be funding cuts which may mean HC asking PCs to pay for speed monitoring the cost of which is generally £2,000 minimum and therefore out of the question for Pipe and Lyde PC. Pauline suggested meeting with the quarry owners to ask if they would contribute to the cost of making the road safer for residents and motorists, Mrs Bouillet indicated that she would like to be involved in any such discussions, and will ask neighbours to write to Pauline with concerns.

7. Police report circulated: SR updated a series of burglaries in the Burghill area recently, and advised all to be careful of garages, sheds and outbuildings.

8. Planning: discussed appeal against refusal of permission at Upper House Farm, Moreton (6 poultry houses and other buildings/works) no change required to original objection.

9. Highways: ( update) on highways and potholes, also passing bays, alterations to junction at A49 and Moreton Road in connection with quarry site) no information available.

10. Request for help from resident of Moreton Road with regard to speeding vehicles on hill past residential properties – see above

11. Discuss and comment on Burghill PC’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. Noted but no comment.

12. Finance: the following payments were approved:

a. clerks salary and expenses £276.56, HMRC PAYE £4.60
b. Herefordshire Council for cost on uncontested election £34.60

13. Update on proposed community litter pick: SR reported that 2 dates had been suggested either Sat 9th April or 30th April, SR will update after Friends of Lyde Meeting Place meeting next week. Litter pickers cannot work on the A49, SR will asking Highways England to ‘do’ A49 around those dates.

14. Community Led Plan update: BJ updated on recent work. Following a discussion where the PC noted that annual reviews will be required, it was resolved to adopt the Pipe and Lyde Community Led Plan (proposed by MT, seconded by AP). The Chair thanked BJ and SR for their considerable work and dedication to bring the project to a conclusion and publishing the plan.

15. Correspondence and clerk’s update, circulated and noted.

16. Date of next meeting Monday 9th May 2016 7pm