Minutes 22nd May 2018

Pipe and  Lyde Parish Council

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at 7.15pm in Lyde Church


Present: Sally Robertson (chair), Brian Joy (vice-chair), Maurice Taylor, Ron Davies

In attendance: Herefordshire Council Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, 8 members of the public.  

  1. Election of chair and vice chair: Alan Paske elected as chair (proposed by SR seconded by MT), Brian Joy elected as vice chair (SR proposed RD seconded).
  2. Apologies for absence (received in advance from Alan Paske)
  3. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Ron Davies declared an interest in item 6a planning application in Church Road, as he is undergoing negotiation on a land purchase with the planning application applicant.  Sally declared an interest grant item as she is chair of the Friends of Lyde Meeting Place.

Minutes of the last meeting 8th March 2018: accepted and signed by the chair.

  1. Public participation members of the public were invited to raise any issues. Parishioner raised the ongoing issue of speeding in Church Road: Councillor Crockett will be meeting with the safer roads partnership and will raise the issue with him and report back to the next meeting.
  2. Planning
    1. Consider and agree response to planning application for 4 new dwellings with access and shared drive in Church Road (application 181485): application was discussed and residents attending the meeting outlined their concerns and views, the clerk was instructed to submit a comment (not objection or support) based on the following concerns raised:
      Development will have an impact on the skyline and will be visible from Lower Lyde.
      Concern expressed regarding visibility, extra traffic, sewerage system to be incorporated as houses at the bottom end of the pitch have recently had flooding up through their downstairs toilet.  Concern regarding creeping development.
      Parish council would like reassurances that the sewerage and rainwater won’t have a detrimental effect on existing properties and systems.
      Development should be in keeping with the character and setting of the existing village.
      Concern regarding the safety for the access so close to the brow of a hill, and route that at peak times is a very busy commuter route, which is single.
      parish council would like to ask the developer to meet with the local community to discuss concerns and how they could be alleviated.
      PC is also concerned with regard to creeping development into a rural setting.
    2. Planning application to convert garage to form an annexe to house at The Marsh House, Eltons Marsh (Burghill parish). Clerk to submit a ‘no objection’ response.
    3. Sally Robertson to report on updated guidelines and legislation regarding responding to planning consultations: SR has been on the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils’ training; good practice is quote planning policies when making objections or supporting applications. Clerk to get a copy of the Core Strategy for the chair.
  3. General Data Protection Regulation: consider draft data protection policy to comply with new legislation. Hold until outcome of challenge for PC’s requirement to have a data controller is known.  SR will write an outline of the training she attended.  Clerk to register the PC with the Information Commissioners office.  Agenda item for next meeting.
  4. Code of Conduct: consider updated policy. Councillors to sign and bring to the next meeting.  Clerk to then publish on the website when approved and signed by all Councillors.
  5. Finance:
    1. Internal audit report considered and approved for submission to external auditors.
    2. Annual accounts, audit return, and risk assessment approved for submission to external auditors.
    3. payment of clerk’s salary and expenses, including SLCC membership £224.81 – approved
    4. payment of fee for internal audit, H Worth £30.00 approved
    5. agreed payment of funding for:
      Lyde PCC £400.00
      Lyde Trumpet £150.00
      Friends of Lyde Meeting Place £200.00
      agenda item for meeting August to discuss asking organisation to apply for funding and say how spent etc.
    6. consider options for annual insurance renewal: Inspire 3 year deal at £330.00 approved.
    7. consider quotes obtained for new grit bins and replacement of broken one nr Hither Bush cost approx. £200 each from BB supplied & installed full of grit. Thereafter the PC has to obtain the grit themselves. Cost would be approx. £600 this year.  SR proposed purchasing three, two for Church Lane one for Lower Lyde near the junction with the A49, RD seconded, MT agreed, BJ abstained.
  6. Highways – update on highways and potholes, including request for additional grit bins, and Councillor’s concern regarding advertising boards on A49. Clerk to raise with HC enforcement officers the signs at the end of the golf driving range lane.
  7. Community Led Plan – update on recent litter pick: successful litter pick held recently, want to do it again soon in churchyard and in the lane outside, date to be arranged. Litter picking to be annual event throughout the whole parish.
  8. Discuss holding a crime prevention and property marking event as at last meeting, clerk to ask Paul Crump if it can be on the same date as the friends of Lyde meeting Place coffee morning on 14th July (SR to confirm date to clerk).
  9. Correspondence and clerk’s update – circulated and noted.
  10. Items for August agenda: Code of conduct to be returned to clerk signed, clerk’s hours.
  11. Date of next meeting Thursday 23rd August 7pm