Minutes 21 February 2019


Pipe and Lyde Parish Council

Thursday 21st February 2018 7pm in Lyde Church


Present:  Alan Paske (chair), Brian Joy(vice-chair), Maurice Taylor, Sally Robertson, Ron Davies

In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, 2 members of the public

  1. Apologies for absence (none)
  2. Declarations of Interest: Alan Paske for item 11 Minerals and Waste Plan consultation.
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (29 November 2018) considered and accepted (proposed BJ seconded SR).
  4. Public participation Residents of both Court Farm Cottages, Lower Lyde attended the meeting to express concern and ask for the PC’s help with regard to water running down Church Road from Lyde Cross area then pooling and flooding the road and near their houses. There is also an increasing problem of traffic using the area opposite the houses as a passing place, churning up the verge and stopping water draining off the road properly. Land nearby is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.  Traffic is steadily increasing and regularly driving over verges etc, and speeds are worrying residents who feel they cannot walk or cycle are reluctant even to drive on the lane at rush hour times especially in school and college term times.  SR suggested contacting Holmer PC to ask whether we could work together to try to reduce speeds and traffic.  Clerk to contact Holmer’s clerk to ask if they are looking at traffic calming measures.
  5. Planning: planning application P184662 Holmer House Farm, for up to 100 new dwellings, including the conversion of traditional barns into 4 dwellings, and the conversion of Holmer House into 7 apartments, plus associated work (drainage, de-culverting Ayles Brook, road and footpaths etc). Also application P184699 Listed Building Consent for the conversion of barns to dwellings and Holmer House to apartments.
    The parish council discussed the applications and following objection was agreed for submission:
    Holmer parish has already far exceeded its target growth of 18% as determined in Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy Policy RA1.  The proposed development is outside of the settlement boundary identified in Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan.
    A previous development very close to this proposed site has recently experienced significant sewerage problems, Holmer parish as a long history of such problems and a further development of this size and intensity would pose a significant risk of sewerage problems.  Pipe and Lyde Parish Council understands that Welsh Water have already stated that the public sewer network would not have the required capacity to accommodate the proposed development.
    There is no doctor’s surgery in Holmer parish and this development does not include provision for one.
    Pipe and Lyde PC is informed that local schools are already at or exceeding capacity.
    A development of the proposed size at that location would generate a considerable amount of traffic joining the A49 particularly at peak ‘rush hour’ times exacerbating existing issues of traffic trying to avoid the bottle neck at the Starting Gate roundabout and using local single-track lanes as cut throughs and rat runs.  Residents of these lanes frequently contact the parish council to ask for help in combatting speeding traffic hurtling down lanes in Upper and Lower Lyde, churning up verges and preventing local residents from safely using the lanes for walking or cycling etc.
    The parish council has no objection to sympathetic redevelopment of the existing farmhouse and farm buildings but does object to the development of the agricultural land as the proposal would be a significant over-intensification of a green field area.
    An element of the proposed Hereford Transport Package is to provide green space, therefore the Pipe and Lyde Parish Council would suggest that the existing agricultural land at Holmer House Farm could be used to provide leisure and amenity areas to support a small area of re-development of the existing farmhouse and farm buildings.


  1. Footpaths update (parking and hedges), hedge along the access lane has been cut, hedge overhanging the pavement has been cut and cuttings dumped in the residents drive.
  2. Roads and Balfour Beatty (BB)– clerk updated from BB newsletter.
  3. Litter pick (date agreed at last meeting 13th April 2019) clerk to let BB Locality Steward Phil Pankhurst know the date and request the litter pick equipment.
  4. Report by Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
    Transport package consultation closes on 11th March
    Full council meeting last week discussed budged for 19/20, 4% rise in council tax, 2% of which will go towards Adult Social Care
    March 8th is international Womens’ Day events being held especially celebrating the munitions workers at Rotherwas.
    Pauline has also been engaged on work on planning applications in the Queenswood ward.
  1. Discuss Herefordshire Council Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan Consultation (deadline 4th March) and agree response if required. Alan Paske left the meeting building during this item, BJ took over chairing the meeting.  PC agreed that no response would be required. Alan Paske was asked to rejoin the meeting and resumed the role of chair.
  2. Discuss HC’s Travel and Transport Consultation (deadline 11th March) and agree response if required. Respond saying rural bus services are a vital link for communities so should continue to receive support from HC to encourage sustainable travel.
  3. Local Elections 2nd May 2019 update and confirmation of dates for nominations
  4. Finance: Invoices to be considered for payment: Hazel Philpotts, salary and expenses £544.16. get two new signatories for bank before elections.
  5. General Data Protection Regulation: consider latest draft data protection policy to comply with new legislation.
  6. Correspondence and clerk’s update, clerk to invite police to attend a meeting, local area team
  7. Items for next agenda: Review of Parish Plan Action Plan
  8. Date of next meeting Thursday 9th May annual parish meeting followed by annual meeting of the Parish Council.