Minutes 16 July 2019

Pipe and Lyde Parish Council extraordinary meeting 

Tuesday 16th July 2019 at 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Alan Paske (chair), Sally Robertson, Maurice Taylor

In Attendance: H Philpotts (clerk), 14 parishioners

  1. Apologies for absence: Ron Davies, Phill Meadwell
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations none
  3. Minutes of the last meeting, 4 July 2019, accepted and adopted proposed by MT seconded by SR
  4. Public participation:

Resident of Mountain View, 1 Church Road informed the meeting that his planning application is not for a new driveway, there is an error on the form, he isn’t applying for a dropped kerb or vehicle access onto the highway.

Another resident has asked that the application for an extension to Mountain View be changed from a first floor bay window to a normal window to preserve the neighbour’s privacy, also requested that a limit be made to permitted working hours to minimise noise disturbance.
With regard to application for a new drive and parking at 3 Church Road, an immediate neighbour informed the meeting of an ongoing boundary issue, she is also concerned that the proposal will affect wildlife living in her garden. Another resident says she can hear running water at night so there is the possibility of an underground stream close to the site.

  1. Planning:
    1. consider and agree response to planning application 192006 Mountain View, 1 Church Road, Lyde (extension to existing dwelling including a new driveway) Comments to be submitted:
      The applicant attended the Parish Council meeting and informed the PC that the application does not include a driveway or dropped kerb onto the highway, however, the application form and drawings submitted contradict that assertion.   There is confusion over existing and proposed entrances; however there are issues with regard to parking in the area, which off road parking might alleviate.
      If Herefordshire Council is considering approving the application the Parish Council request inclusion of a condition limiting early morning/late evening and weekend working hours which would help minimise further noise disturbance to neighbours.
      Loss of privacy for neighbours is also an issue, the proposed windows on the first floor will overlook the neighbour’s property.  If the design of the window could be changed this would minimise the impact.
    2. consider and agree response to planning application 192180 3 Church Road, Lyde (new driveway and dropped kerb) Comment to be submitted:
      The parish council was informed by a neighbour (Herefordshire Housing tenant) of a boundary dispute, the parish council would recommend that HC consults Herefordshire Housing with regard to the application and the dispute as they are aware of it.   The PC would also recommend consulting Highways with regard to the access on to the adopted highway.
      An immediate neighbour has also indicated that there are great crested newts, hedgehogs and bees in the immediate area.
      We noted on the application form has stated there are no trees or hedges to be removed although the attached photograph shows this not to be case there are small shrubs and a large conifer, however, the shrubs could be moved further into the garden.
      Bearing the above in mind, a major issue in the vicinity is parking and creating more off road parking might alleviate this issue.
  2. Date of next meeting: 6th August and 3rd October 2019 7pm Lyde Church.
  3. Meeting closed at 8pm.